Come Together. Stand Apart. Clue IN

Thanks for visiting our site! Unfortunately, the 2024 summer internship application window has closed, and we are in the process of reviewing applications and scheduling interviews. Check back in early 2025 for info and dates pertaining to next year’s internship.


We look forward to hearing from you then!

What's the timeline?

Come Together. Stand Apart. Clue IN. An INterview with CL

Is this paid?

Of course. We’re in 2024.


What will I be doing?

From Subaru and Xcel Energy to Bush’s Beans and Hostess, you’ll help us create some amazing work and in the process earn bragging rights for having worked on some of the most beloved brands in the world today. The day-to-day work you’ll be doing will depend on the department to which you apply.


What’s the best part about working here?

Some say the experience, the people, the work culture, the work-life balance, and all of the other boring (but important) stuff, but we say it’s seeing how many random cans of beans you can spot in the office in one day.


So how do I get in? What are you looking for?

Part of what makes CL special is just how different each of our employees are, so show us how you stand out! We also look for applicants who are proactive and intentional — they get the most out of our program. If that sounds like you, then you’re already ahead of the game.


OK, but are you guys going to hire me after the internship is over?

We have a pretty good track record of hiring interns but can’t make any promises. Hiring decisions involve a lot of considerations and factors, including individual performance, client fit, and staffing needs. Whether you get hired or not, rest assured that our internship program will prepare you for a career in advertising.


How long is it?

06.04.24 – 08.27.24 *Dates are flexible based on school schedule.


Is it remote?

Depending on the department, yes.


Do I need to be a college graduate?

Depends on the department. Please see specific requirements within each department listing.


How do I ensure my application is reviewed and has the best shot of getting noticed?

Please pay close attention to specifications listed for each department posting. For example, if a cover letter, resume, and application are all requested, ensure you are submitting all components and label your documents as requested.

*Pick and Apply

What are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? We want the odd, the quirky, and even the boring because we're at our best when those who stand apart come together.