A holistic approach

It’s one thing to talk internally about multicultural strategy. And we do, often — our employees have access to content libraries filled with the latest multicultural data and insights, and we’ve implemented a structured work-review process to ensure representation and equitable practices.

But these efforts are amplified through the brands we serve, which is why an essential part of our work involves counseling clients on connecting with specific consumer segments. By recognizing culture, traditions, beliefs, values, norms, language, and lifestyle, brands can forge a genuine bond with their consumers

Where media and message meets your multicultural audience.

Multicultural By the Numbers

Multicultural strategies are implemented at every level, from strategic guidance assessments for each CL client to specific campaign utilization and employee initiatives.


  • •  50+ campaigns impacted and supported
  • •  2 multicultural insight libraries to support inclusion efforts across work
  • •  Multicultural Strategy lead with 20+ years in diverse audience marketing across Fortune 500 companies in multiple sectors
A few of our clients
Our expertise:
Come Together. Stand Apart.

Come Together.
Stand Apart.

That’s our “how” and “why” neatly wrapped up so we never lose sight of what we’re here to do every day: come together with the best people from every discipline to make the very best brand-building, culture-bending, business-altering work.