Doubleurxxx Productions

The Ride of Her Life

Subaru asked us for an ad campaign to introduce a car to people who hate ad campaigns. So, we gave them a grindhouse production company. Our first production? A very real movie trailer starring a very real car for a very fake movie.

A Feature Film Website

The job: promote “The Ride of Her Life” the way the big movie studios do it. We built a movie-style website and then loaded it up. The trailer, shareable content, animated gifs, posters and of course, all the juicy backstories on the cast.


To give "The Ride of Her Life" real-world box-office cred, we turned to FXX to capture the insanely ecstatic comments of moviegoers leaving theaters. The fact that the film didn’t exist was a minor challenge.

Funny Or Die

Bucky Lasek, famous rally driver and star of the first DoubleURXXX film, is not an actor. We arranged acting lessons from megastar David Hasselhoff. Then we made it a hit on Funny Or Die.

It Was a Hit!

How did it do? Well, for starters, it won AdWeek’s Media Plan of the Year. In fact, the public was so excited, they actually thought it was a real movie. They were lining up to buy tickets, and the new car. As they say in Hollywood, we blew the box office away.