Doubleurxxx Productions

The Campaign

The Chosen Ones

On paper, the new WRX seemed underwhelming to its very vocal fans. In fact, it was the best-performing Subaru in history. So to silence the ill-informed Web chatter, we gave those most qualified a chance to win a preview of the all-new 2015 WRX.

The Website

After creating a website where only a Subaru VIN got you inside, we invited visitors to prove to us they could wheel. From the thousands who submitted videos, pro rally driver Bucky Lasek chose the top four, with a fifth spot reserved for the driver who earned the most “wrenches” from his or her peers on the site.

Release the Hounds

Armed with unheard of access behind the wheel of a prelaunch car, we unleashed The Chosen Ones to share their honest opinions of the new WRX with the world.

Burying the Needle

With over 300 million earned impressions and a sales increase of over 400 percent, it was the most successful WRX launch in Subaru history, all without a single :30 television commercial.