The Campaign

Dog Tested. Dog Approved.

Subaru owners are more than twice as likely to have a pet than other car owners. Subaru, as a brand, has a long history of supporting animal welfare. From this insight, Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ was born. It’s a campaign that drives straight from the heart of the Subaru brand right to the public’s funny bone.

Meet the Barkleys

We recently introduced America to its new favorite furry family, the Barkleys. They’re your everyday Subaru-loving canines, putting the versatility of a Subaru to the test the only way they know how: Doggedly.

Who's a Pretty Dog?

Why should only humans get to wear Subaru gear? We created a Subaru-branded line of dog gear and threw a doggy beauty contest while we were at it. The lucky winner was immortalized in an oil painting.

The Puppy Bowl

Big generic car companies advertise during the big game. We took a different path. We advertised during the Puppy Bowl. Our spots actually made those Best Super Bowl Commercial lists, even though they ran on another channel.

Dogs' Best Friend

The campaign hasn’t just driven sales among dog fans, it’s also brought needed attention to our four-legged friends across the country. Subaru retailers have organized thousands of pet adoption events and over 14 million dollars has been donated to the ASPCA though our Share the Love Event.