Jack Link's

The Campaign

Messin’ With Sasquatch

Jack Link’s was a small jerky brand with big ambitions. Sasquatch was an elusive beast with no ambition. So, we brought them together. Mainly though, we just thought it’d be kind of dumb and funny. Our target market agreed, our strategically sound strategists rejoiced, and Jack Link’s is more than living up to those big ambitions.

Media Integration, Pop Culture Domination

There have been a lot of Sasquatch sightings, from appearances on the red carpet at the ESPYS to Hulu’s first original series “The Awesomes.” He even took part in Big Ten Network’s first-ever partnership for content production. Take a look as Sasquatch moves in with Goldy, Sparty and the rest of the iconic mascots.

Sasquatch Spotted on the Internet

Smart digital ad placements drive a steady stream of jerky fans to branded Sasquatch content.

Snackin’ with Sasquatch

What happens when Sasquatch steps out of the wild and into modern life? Grab a nutritious snack and find out.

Living Sasquatch

Sasquatch revealed his tech genius when this ahead-of-its-time augmented-reality microsite brought him to life in 3-D. Games and other content gave fans the chance to do a little messin’ of their own.

Slim Who?

Once an underdog in the jerky business, Jack Link’s has become a household name and rocketed ahead to challenge the whole snack food category.