Jack Link's

The Campaign

Hangry Moments

Any snack can satisfy hunger. But when you have a giant, animal hunger to feed? That takes a protein-packed meat snack. Hangry Moments reminded people that their favorite road trip go-to was also the perfect everyday snack.

A Picture With An Angry Wolf Head Coming Out of a Person’s Stomach Says 1,000 Words.

Hangry moments found their way to wherever our hangry fans were, including magazines, programs and social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Wherever There’s a Hangry Moment, There We Are.

On TV. Online. On phones. Hangry Moments were happening everywhere, even in Major League Baseball, where we partnered to highlight exclusive Hangriest Moments in America’s favorite pastime.

So Long, Snack Chips.

They can outspend us. But those chip companies will never be able to satisfy a crazy wolf-style animal hunger like Jack Link’s Beef Jerky.