The Campaign

Beat Average

Average. It’s out there, saying good enough is good enough, and handing out trophies to everyone. But you know you can do better; you can Beat Average. And GNC can help. Once perceived as an outlet only for bodybuilders and insano-athletes, we set out to reframe GNC as the place for anyone who just wants to feel a little better, reach a little higher and always stay one step ahead of Average.


The health and wellness category litters our magazines with images of perfect bodies. It can be a little intimidating and a lot unwelcoming. So instead of giving people unattainable goals, we personified Average, and let our audience know that they could definitely do better.

Tell Us How You Beat Average

Feeling a little better than yesterday doesn’t have to mean deadlifting a Volkswagen. Sometimes it’s the little things. To learn how people Beat Average every day, we built an online platform where GNC customers could share their own stories and inspire others to take the first step.

ESPN Integration

We partnered with ESPN and SportsCenter to tell the sorts of Beat Average stories that happen every day. Not how many points the MVP scored, but how the unsung heroes outperformed their own averages on their way to MVP-hood.

"The Tonight Show" Integration

When Jimmy Fallon talks (or sings or dances or lip-syncs), people listen. So we asked him and his writers to see what they could do to Beat Average.

It's All About the Products

Beat Average wasn't just a rallying cry for a lifestyle brand. It was a call to action that had to work hard for literally hundreds of different products.

From Inside Out

Before we could ask millions of Americans (and Canadians, in this case) to Beat Average, we had to convince those on the front lines: the employees.

Average Never Stood a Chance

Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone who just wants to make good on a New Year’s Resolution, Average is not something you want to be. Now, thanks to GNC, people have the encouragement to beat it.