Sasquatch saves fellow co-workers in new Jack Link’s spot

Aug 14, 2012

In a new spot from Carmichael Lynch, Jack Link’s brand mascot, Sasquatch, is thrown into a typical routine at the office: the cup o’ morning Joe. Sasquatch, who’s used to quenching his thirst by gulping from babbling brooks (as opposed to scalding-hot liquids,) gets a bit of a harsh wake-up call. Now if he can just save his fellow co-workers from experiencing the same fate…

“Coffee Break” is one of nine commercials in Jack Link’s newest campaign “Snackin’ with Sasquatch.” The 15-second Rocky Morton-directed spots take Sasquatch out of the woods and place him into domesticated situations. Two additional spots also aired this week.

Camouflage” demonstrates the three rules of basic gym etiquette: 1) always towel-off the machine 2) put the weights back where you found them 3) and always have a spotter. (Well, okay, one out of three.)

And finally, “Poker” shows us what happens when you forget the single, most-important card game strategy: always let the Sasquatch win.