The Campaign


Dogs make the world a better place. And Subaru never stops looking for ways to make the world a better place for them. With that in mind, we launched the Make a Dog’s Day Initiative — a national movement that not only encouraged dog lovers everywhere to invent and share new ways to “make a dog’s day,” but also helped us raise awareness for the ultimate way to make a dog’s day — shelter adoption.

Best. Dog. Days. Ever.

Using Subaru social channels, we invited dog lovers everywhere to create and share original videos and content showing the best new ways they were making their dog’s day. Thousands of videos and photos poured in. In fact, we may have even received the world’s first documented footage of an 8-handed dog belly rub.

Exactly How We Let the Dogs Out.

As #MakeADogsDay began trending, our national media partners leapt at the chance to take our message even further out into the world. From pet adoption events on the “Today” show plaza to original content from Buzzfeed and Bark Box, they were able to quickly engage millions of dog lovers and generate even more new interest in animal shelter visits.

The Pet Hall of Fame

What better way to make a dog’s day than to nominate them for the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame? We created the Pet Hall of Fame to capitalize on the success of our long-running Dog Tested campaigns and to create even deeper connections with pet lovers in the digital space. Nearly 40,000 dogs were nominated, and more than 7,000 dogs were proudly displayed.

Beyond the Hashtag

#MakeADogsDay helped bring the conversation volume to new heights and drive record levels of social engagement and views. We also were able to activate wildly popular social influencers such as Doug the Pug and Lil Bub, who generated millions more views and made the Make A Dog’s Day Initiative our most successful social campaign to date.

In Conclusion, Woof.

Ultimately, the campaign was an astounding success. #MakeADogsDay content saw an 8 times higher engagement than Twitter’s auto benchmark and generated over 1.9 times more conversations than all previous Subaru hashtags. And best of all, we were able to help give dogs everywhere a great day, and give countless shelter dogs the ultimate day — the day they get a new home.