A Neat, Subtle Camera Trick Drives the Storytelling in Subaru’s New Spot

Published on January 10th, 2018

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Subaru has done plenty of safety advertising over the years. Its first spot out of the gate this year celebrates the Subaru Forester being named a 2018 IIHS Top Safety Pick—and it’s a story told in sweeping fashion that covers a woman’s entire life, up to a moment where it might have ended.

The ad, titled “A Life Story on the Line,” broke Saturday on TV in a 30-second format and Monday as a :60. It was directed by Lance Acord of Park Pictures, who’s made so many memorable spots over the years.

In fact, the power of the new ad derives in part from a clever choice with the camerawork. It’s a subtle visual choice, but see if you notice it as you watch.

The camerawork nicely helps frame the time periods in the ad. In the historical scenes, the camera pulls back—as though retreating through the past. Then, as we reach the ad’s turning point—the accident—it turns out to be literally a turning point for the camera. Finally, in the final scenes, the camera drives forward, along with the family, into the future—which wasn’t cut short, thanks to the Forester.

Brian Cavallucci, national advertising manager for Subaru of America, gives full credit to the agency and director for the artfulness of the approach.

“We have an amazing creative team at our agency, Carmichael Lynch, who wrote this story, but it was our director, Lance Acord, who brought the visual storytelling to this spot,” Cavallucci says. “We have worked with him several times, and he is an amazing talent. So when he brought this visual idea to us, we knew it was perfect.”

He adds: “There is a lot happening in this spot, so telling it in a clear, but emotional way, was very challenging. Thankfully we have a very collaborative approach with our agency team and we think it all came together extremely well.”

The spot will run alongside two other spots Subaru has coming out soon.