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The 3% Conference Comes to Carmichael Lynch

Published on September 10th, 2015

The 3% Conference made its Minneapolis debut in front of a sold out crowd at Carmichael Lynch today, pulling audience members from across the region. The even is focused on increasing diversity in advertising and women in creative leadership by giving those the tools and support to succeed.

The event was headlined by 3 keynote speakers who helped set the tone for the inspirational day.

  • Kat Gordon, Founder of The 3% Conference: “Why 3% is a Big Deal for Us All”
  • Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Office of FCB: “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”
  • Claudia Kotchka, former VP of Design, Innovation and Strategy at P&G: “How to Break the Rules and Not Get Fired”


In addition, panelists from around the Twin Cities took the stage to discuss a variety of topics around the issue, including a “Manbassador” panel that Carmichael Lynch’s President, Marcus Fischer, took part in. Other highlights included participation from General Mills, 3M, Pixie Dust and Kruskopf & Co on a panel about “Selling Yourself and Your Work”, a panel of local Creative Directors who personalized the issue for “Does That Happen Here?”, and a group of local creative leaders and artists focused on “Stoking Your Creativity”.

Carmichael Lynch and Colle+McVoy joined forces to bring this one-day event to the Twin Cities. This was one of four MiniCon events this year; other cities included Miami, London and Portland. The multi-day 3% Conference will happen in New York later this fall.

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