New Work

2017 Subaru Impreza

Published on February 17th, 2017

Subaru of America, Inc.  debuted a series of new  spots centered around the launch of the all-new 2017 Impreza. The new work showcases the automaker’s latest evolution of the brand’s entry-level vehicle, built with millennials and their on-the-go, ever-changing lifestyles top of mind.

The  national television spots –  “Moving Out,” “Rewind” and “More” – give viewers a unique glimpse into the lives of Impreza owners and the intimate moments when Subaru’s  commitment to safety and reliability matter the most. The spots will air in 60 second formats on national TV, as well as be featured through targeted digital and social media promotions. The campaign highlights  experiences where Subaru drivers relied on the trusted Impreza in life’s most precious moments, as detailed below:

  • “Moving Out” – Most parents would agree, kids grow up too fast, and that’s why we hold close the things in life that stay stagnant from childhood to adulthood. The new Subaru spot called “Moving Out” features the story of a little boy who grew up all too fast, the parents who can’t believe how quickly the years flew by, and the car that’s been there for them all along.
  • “Rewind” – Anyone who’s been in a car accident knows what it’s like to wonder how it could all have been prevented. “Rewind” is a new Subaru spot that tells the surprising story of a couple who found a way to prevent the unthinkable, thanks to their car.
  • More”  Bringing home a puppy and bringing home a baby. While they are two very different paths in life, they couldn’t be more similar. The new Subaru spot called “More” shows that no matter how different our lives may seem, there are some feelings that we all share.