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Subaru's Latest, Poignant Family Spot by Carmichael Lynch

Published on February 17th, 2017

Subaru treads familiar yet fertile ground in its latest advertising from Carmichael Lynch, rolling out two new national TV spots—with a third on the way—that tell family stories to launch the all-new 2017 Impreza.

The first new spot, “Moving Out,” features a little kid who’s packing up all his possessions and preparing to leave home. He seems a little young to be heading out on his own, though it turns out he’s not too young at all.

If “Moving Out” feels familiar, that’s because it hews very closely to the plot of Subaru’s classic 2010 commercial “Baby Driver,” which was nominated for an Emmy Award. In that earlier spot, a little girl was seen playing around in the driver’s seat of her dad’s Subaru—and it’s eventually revealed that she’s actually 16 and heading out to drive on her own for the first time.

But even if we’ve been down this road before, “Moving Out” is still pretty irresistibly sweet, and subtly communicates its key message, that the Impreza is “the longest-lasting vehicle in its class.”

Subaru and CL have a history of releasing more jarring safety spots at the same time as a more traditionally heartwarming ad. And it does so again today with “Rewind,” a spot in which a couple who’ve been in an accident go back in time to see if they can stop it before it happens.

“Rewind” is pretty captivating, too. Subaru has always emphasized safety as a key brand attribute, and the new spot effectively pitches the Impreza’s EyeSight technology and the vehicle’s general safety bona fides compared to Toyota, Honda and Ford.

A third spot, “More,” whose plot involves bringing home a puppy and bringing home a baby—how they are different yet similar—will roll out next week. All three ads were directed by Sean Meehan of Arts & Sciences.

“The all-new Impreza advertising campaign focuses on the intimate experiences that unite us all,” says Alan Bethke, svp of marketing at Subaru of America. “With major gains in handling performance, crash safety and ride comfort, the 2017 Impreza offers customers a smooth and trusted ride, ready for wherever the road takes them.”

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